How To Merchandise Your Shelves for CBD, Delta-9, THCa Retail Stores

How To Merchandise Your Shelves for CBD, Delta-9, THCa Retail Stores

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How you merchandise your products will play a role in boosting sales and capturing your customer's attention. We at Canvast Supply Co. know it's essential to support our partners in assisting in increasing sales. We break down some of our favorite ways to help merchandise your products to significantly impact your business. 

How can I use merchandising to encourage purchasing?

To merchandise your shelves in a retail store to encourage more significant purchases, you can follow these steps:

  1. Group similar items together: Customers are more likely to purchase multiple items when they can see how well they complement each other.

  2. Use eye-catching displays: Draw attention to items using creative displays or signage. We provide creative signage to our retail partners that help a consumer quickly understand our product line and how the products will make them feel.

  3. Cross-sell: Place complementary items close to each other so that customers can see how they can use them together. If your customer can see our full line of Lifters™, Drifters™, and Shifters™ - when they purchase daytime support with our Lifters™, they may complement their purchase for a better night's sleep, too, with Drifters™, for example.

  4. Offer bundles: Package similar items together to create a more appealing and cost-effective option for customers. Our biggest and best-selling bundle? Our complete line of Shifters™, including our Delta-9 THC Gummies and Delta-9 THC Lollipops, accompanied by our Shifters™ Delta-8 vape to help switch up their routine.

  5. Highlight promotions: Use signage, displays, or special pricing to highlight promotions, sales, or discounts. As a retail partner, we support you with the materials to promote Canvast on specific holidays throughout the year. Our online partner portal brings promotional items and graphics to your fingertips for easy usage and content planning around Canvast Supply Co. products.

  6. Make use of signage: Use clear, concise, and attention-grabbing signage to guide customers through your store and encourage them to make additional purchases. Our marketing team is here to support you, and we've made various informational graphics from On-set Charts, Dosing Charts, and graphics to easily explain Find Your Feel™ and our lines of Lifters™, Drifters™, and Shifters™.

Remember, the key is to make shopping a fun and easy experience for your customers and to help them see the value in making larger purchases. Grab their attention using provided materials to help your customers better understand the products on your shelves.

Merchandising The Canvast Way™

Lifters™, Drifters™, and Shifters™ define our brand keystone. These products are formulated to help your customers Find Your Feel™ — We help take the guesswork out of which product to choose when looking for a specific feeling. We like to say Lifters™ for the Daytime, Drifters™ for the Evening, and Shifters™ for the Party. With this, we always ask that you merchandise our products as Lifters™, Drifters™, and Shifters™ left to right. We've included some graphics for easy visualization. 

Canvast Find Your Feel Brand Keystone
Our Brand Keystone — Lifters™, Drifters™ and Shifters™

How to merchandise your shelves for effective sales with Canvast

As shared above in use merchandising to encourage purchasing, our marketing team has created assets for our retail partners to help inform their customers and assist them in their buying process. It's essential to help nurture purchasing confidence by quickly and visually educating your consumer — knowing that they're buying the best product for them. 

How to bring a new product line into your store

Bringing new and innovative products to your shelves will help keep your customers returning for more. Introducing new products isn't easy, but with this method, you can rest assured you're bringing on the right product for your store and consumers — and with success by following these steps below.

Introducing a new product to a consumer involves several steps:

  1. Research: Conduct market research to understand the target audience's perception of their purchase choice, needs and preferences, and competition.

  2. Develop a marketing strategy: Based on your research, develop a marketing strategy that highlights your product offerings' unique features and benefits. We offer tools in our Partner Portal to provide social media content and printable graphics to educate your consumers efficiently — and have the content ready for you to post.

  3. Build buzz: Generate excitement and anticipation for your product by using social media, email marketing, influencer partnerships, and other channels to reach your target audience.

  4. Launch: Plan a launch event or a promotional campaign to introduce the product to the market and create a solid first impression.

  5. Offer demonstrations and samples: Allow customers to try the product for themselves, either in-store or through product samples, to build confidence and trust. As a partner store - we offer opportunities to bring our team in to educate your staff and your customers. We love a good mini pop-up.

  6. Provide educational materials: Offer informational brochures, videos, or other materials to help customers understand the product's benefits. When you work with Canvast Supply Co. you’re offered an array of educational materials from counter talkers signs, counter cards and infographics to display in your store to help educate your customers in a modern, mindful and aesthetically pleasing way.

  7. Monitor feedback: Pay attention to customer feedback, and use it to make any necessary adjustments to your product or marketing approach.

By following these steps and engaging with customers, you can effectively introduce a new product to the market and build brand loyalty.

Let’s talk about effective product placement

The best places to put products in a retail store to help sell them depend on your store’s own layout, but here are some general guidelines to follow:

  1. High-traffic areas: Place products in high-traffic areas, such as near the entrance or check-out counter, to increase visibility and impulse purchases. Our 2 count gummies are great options to place at checkout for an impulse sale that will bring customers back to your store for the larger counts.

  2. Eye-level shelves: Put products on eye-level shelves where they are most easily visible and accessible.

  3. End caps: End caps or end-of-aisle displays effectively promote new or seasonal products or highlight specific products or brands.

  4. Category zones: Group products by category or use to create "category zones" within the store, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and to cross-sell complementary products.

  5. Prominent displays: Use prominent displays, such as window displays or freestanding fixtures, to showcase products and draw attention to them.

  6. Test and adjust: Regularly test different product placements and adjust as needed based on sales data and customer feedback.

Remember, the goal is to create a visually appealing and easily navigable store environment that showcases products in a way that makes them irresistible to customers. Bringing on Canvast Supply Co. Functional Edibles and Premium Smokables will help elevate your CBD, THC, and other minor-cannabinoid product selections — with our effective Find Your Feel™ display methods. 

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